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Limnophila sessiliflora

Min. best 6 potter


Amount of light needed : moderate

leaf color : light green/ yellow

Plantation zone : background

growth speed : fast

ease of use : easy

origin : Asia, South East

Temperature (°C) : 20-26

Height (cm) : 15-45

"The nice part is that this plant grows fast and the little thin twigs will soon become wide beautiful twigs that look similar to the Cabomba. Therefore the leaves have something magical. When you take it out of the water it is very thin and lean. We supply this plant with many small, hardly visible shoots so you get a lot of plant for your purchase. Purchase it when it is small! It will be at its strongest!" Limnophila sessiliflora prefers a low CO2 level. If there is too much CO2 in the water, the plant wil grow very tall with long internods. Do you prefer a plant that moves in water with a high CO2 level? Try Pogestemon erectus, 1058. Limnophila is not so good in cold water.

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