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AA Invitro Pinguicula 'Red Starfish'
Pinguicula 'Red Starfish' is an interesting plant


Plant name: Pinguicula 'Red Starfish' is a unique species of insectivorous plant that attracts attention with its unique appearance. It is a cross between Pinguicula moranensis and Pinguicula heterophylla. This clone was selected in 1997 with particular emphasis on the color of the flowers.

Color and size: in summer they form a rosette with a diameter of usually 6-9 cm and consist of 12-20 leaves.: they can be very attractive with a green center and red edges, under strong light they take on an intense red-violet color.

Light: The plant prefers partial to full sunlight or the equivalent of growing light, illumination 16 hours a day.

Temperature: Pinguicula 'Red Starfish' is a plant that does well in a variety of temperature conditions. During the growth period, i.e. in the warmer months, it prefers daily temperatures around 25°C, but can tolerate up to 35°C if the plant is exposed to direct sun. At night the temperature should be around 20°C.

Humidity: Pinguicula 'Red Starfish' is a plant that does well in a variety of humidity conditions. From October to April, i.e. during the rest period, it is important to allow the substrate to dry completely. This means that we should not water the plant during this time. However, despite this, the plant prefers high atmospheric humidity, around 80%. Remember, however, that each plant is different and may require an individual approach. It is important to observe your plant and adjust the conditions to its needs. If you notice that the plant looks healthy and is growing well, then you are doing everything right! However, if you notice any problems, such as drying leaves or lack of growth, it may be a signal that the plant needs different conditions. use Tropical Rain for watering

Dormancy Period: Some Mexican/Tropical Pinguicula species enter a winter succulent phase, often called winter dormancy. During this time, the plant changes its appearance and you can change your watering strategy. Once these tight leaves are formed, reduce watering. Only when they go dormant. But when they return to insectivorous leaves, start increasing watering.

Packaging: The plant is sold in a practical container, which not only ensures safe transport, but also constitutes an attractive display in the store. Thanks to this, the plant is ready for presentation immediately after delivery, which makes it an ideal choice for stores looking for convenient and aesthetic solutions. The container has been designed to protect the plant during transport, and at the same time allows for easy positioning and presentation of the product on a store shelf.

Growing container: The plant grows best in a dedicated Micro Terrarium growing container from Aqua Art, which is easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the Micro Terrarium, breeding carnivorous plants becomes easy and enjoyable

We store the plants at a temperature of 22-23 degrees with gentle access to light.

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