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AA Invitro Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea
Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea, a very nice hoodwort


Plant name: Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea is an insectivorous plant from the hoodwort family

Light: The plant prefers partial to full sunlight or the equivalent of growing light, illumination 16 hours a day

Color and size: It is a carnivorous perennial prized for its upright, slender, deep red pitchers with erect caps and hanging yellow flowers. The plant reaches up to 30-70 cm in height and 30-60 cm in width1.

Substrate: The best results are achieved in the substrate recommended by Aqua Art.

Feeding: The plant loves bedbugs, dried earthworms, fish food.

Humidity: This plant grows best in constantly moist soil. It prefers full sun. Use Tropical Rain for watering.

Temperature: Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea grows well at temperatures between 15 and 30°C.

Packaging: The plant is sold in a practical container, which not only ensures safe transport, but also constitutes an attractive display in the store. Thanks to this, the plant is ready for presentation immediately after delivery, which makes it an ideal choice for stores looking for convenient and aesthetic solutions. The container has been designed to protect the plant during transport, and at the same time allows for easy positioning and presentation of the product on a store shelf.

Growing container: The plant grows best in a dedicated Micro Terrarium growing container from Aqua Art, which is easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the Micro Terrarium, breeding carnivorous plants becomes easy and enjoyable

We store the plants at a temperature of 22-23 degrees with gentle access to light.

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