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AF Skimmer 150 EU

Protein skimmers play an important role when maintaining a healthy saltwater aquarium. It has two main jobs one to get rid of uneaten fish food, excrement and toxic substances that might harm the sensitive ecosystem of a saltwater aquarium, and the other to add oxygen to the tank. Aquaforest recommends  the Probiotic Aquaforest method with the protein skimmer to create your dream reef. The AF150 Skimmer works best with a tank of 200 to 500 litres. The unbeatable and well-built AquaBee AC UP 2000/1/A is specially dedicated for the AF150 Skimmer and due to its ceramic elements, the AquaBee 2000/1/A is durable, quiet and has a long life expectancy.

Product features: 

AquaBee AC UP 2000/1/A specifics:

Power: 220/230 V (18 W)

Air pump: max. 650l/h


High- 56 cm

Width – 25 cm  

Width with pump – 35 cm

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