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Cyperus helferi

Min. best 6 potter


Amount of light needed : moderate

leaf color : light green/ yellow

Plantation zone : center

growth speed : medium

ease of use : medium

origin : Asia, South East

Temperature (°C) : 22-28

Height (cm) : 25-60

"The Cyperus comes from Asia and is one of the few grasses that can really survive in the aquarium for quite some time. It is a marsh plant that can become up to 50 cm high and the leaves will very well adjust to life under water. The leaves are soft and flexible and float gently with the current. This is a really lovely sight. The cyperus can bear both soft as harder water but needs plenty of light and sufficient nutrition. It deserves a place as solitary plant in the Aquarium. Also stands out. The Cyperus Helferi really is a total different plant than the Papyrus. At first instance the Papyrus looks similar and is also much cheaper, but is absolutely unsuitable for the aquarium!"

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